Account Security / SSO

Elevating account security practices. Govt tender.
This project was a response to government tender requirements allowing EP to further establish themselves in a large ed-tech market.

EP already had robust account security, but it was reliant on an internal system. We focused on expanding Sign In & Sign Up options for Google Accounts and SSO already established in school systems.

Design effort focused on appropriate account security patterns for the younger cohort and effectively communicating changes to existing account holders, students and teachers alike. We had to strike a balance for legacy system users where student accounts are managed by teachers and school leaders, mainly for primary student cohorts.

TEAM COmposition

  • Product Managers
  • Product Designer
  • Marketing / Sales team
  • Front-end Engineers
  • Back-end Engineers


  1. Requirements gathering
  2. Engineer ideation sessions
  3. Technical opportunities / challenges overview
  4. SSO functionality research
  5. Account security pattern selection
  6. User Testing
  7. Change management

Desired Outcome

Satisfying requirements for a government issued tender & improving existing account security

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