Mobile Data Capture form

On-request identity verification form with face and ID capture.
An intergral part of the AML process is identity verification. Usually it’s a mix of email, phone call and in-person meetings - whatever works for a given business or a person. It’s hardly scalable.

FirstAML’s main goal is streamlining this process. Leveraging the almost universal accessibility of mobile devices for this task is a no-brainer.

TEAM COmposition

  • Start-up Founders
  • Front-End Engineer
  • Internal AML team
  • Business Analyst


  1. Requirements gathering
  2. Iterative Wireframing / Sketching
  3. Technical opportunities / challenges overview
  4. Visual identity development / Art direction
  5. Interactive prototyping
  6. UI component breakdown / Design system
  7. Engineering specs
  8. User testing

Desired Outcome

Quick & accessible on-demand identity verification on a smartphone.

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