Education Perfect

Curriculum aligned teaching & learning platform for years 5-12 for teachers & parents.
Education Perfect is a Dunedin-based SaaS e-learning platform used by ~600,000 students from over 1,200 schools internationally. It’s the largest ed-tech company in Australasia. My involved with the company spanned across 5 years, the role ever-shifting but firmly grounded in being the sole UI / UX Designer for 3 years.

I joined EP in its active focus-refinement stage, then shortly after growth and expansion stages. I overlooked and improved their existing learner & teacher tools, and was heavily involved in development of new features that strategically differentiated EP from its competitors. Complex system planning, visual UI direction, UX design evangelising, change management, web and mobile experience synchronisation, marketing and graphic design were among my responsibilities.


  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Graphic Designer


  • System planning & strategy
  • Remote & in-person User Testing
  • Data Analysis
  • Visual design direction / UI
  • Design system maintenance
  • Iconography
  • Interactive prototyping
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic design
  • Stakeholder management


  • Front & Back-End Engineers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Sales & Marketing
  • C-Suite
  • Customer Service
  • Content Designers

Product Team Principles (POsters)

Product Team Principles (POsters)

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