First AML

Service streamlining the entire anti-money laundering onboarding and compliance process.
A platform for solving AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and CDD (Customer Due Diligence) challenges. It offers businesses of every size and people of every means a quick, easy and accurate way to complete major financial transactions without fear.

I was hired during the company's Series B funding to carry over their AirTable workflow into a series of purpose-built web-apps with a focus on existing corporate clients. The outcome was a client management dashboard and a mobile-focused data capture form with face and ID verification.


  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer


  • Workflow planning & adaptation
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Copywriting
  • Information Architecture
  • UI Design
  • Iconography
  • Interactive prototyping
  • Graphic design


  • Start-up Founders
  • Front-End Engineer
  • Back-End Engineer
  • Business Analyst